Meganebu! Episode 1 Anime Review


Our state-of-the-art car uses an erectus navigation system.

We are megane! M E G A N E! Well, don’t go into this anime expecting Free! animation quality. Instead, go into this with an open heart and you’ll leave pretty satisfied.

The opening made me think that Meganebu will be a daily life thing around the different character tropes of five boys. Instead, I got a hilarious crack comedy about four boys trying to build an X-ray megane in this first episode.


You would think that they haven’t heard of the internet.

All the characters are pretty likable, and we find out that one of them doesn’t even need glasses. Geez! The style of character designs and comedy sort of reminds me of Hetalia, except on crack. There’s psychedelic colours for the background which masks the low budget for animation. And, I guess I can’t complain, considering the guys are entertaining to watch. It’s just that Free! kind of ramped up the animation quality and this is probably the only true reverse harem show for Fall.

One of the best thing about the show has to be the soundtrack. The music and noises are so… ridiculous. Yup, that’s word I’ll use to describe the whole damn show. From naked X-ray glasses to robots to goodness-knows what the guys will be up to.

Hmmmmmmmm, I think Akira is the most entertaining character to watch, and if I had to get a boyfriend among them… I like Mitsuki’s loyalty, and Hikaru is cute but I don’t like his voice. Takuma’s cream puffs sure look delicious though. I wonder if he can bake them?


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