Kamigami no Asobi Episode 1 Anime Review

Aw yesssssss, right off the bat, I was really digging the opening animations. Of course, being a harem for girls means that the first episode typically has higher production values. But the transformation for short blonde hair dude immediately signaled an anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I think after the manservice that was Free! a lot of shows loosen up even more, and introduce much more comedic elements. Kill la Kill cemented this new tide of rising over-the-topness. This continued on throughout the episode with the flowers literally blossoming in the background like in a shoujo manga.

But what I really like best about this episode was the main heroine. We saw her passion – swordmanship, and how far she was willing to go for it – practicing before a closing ceremony. She answered back against Zeus and just held her own very well in the show outside of the guys.

At this stage, I’m actually more interested in the heroine and how she’ll react to all the wacky situations, rather than being interested in any one guy. Have to see how their characters develop before choosing. Can’t wait!


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