Kiniro no Corda: Blue Sky Episode 1 Anime Review

(I wrote this 2 years back and found it in my drafts. 😛 )

Eegads. After getting used to nicely animated male harem shows like Free, tumbling back down to earth with the choppy animation budget of yesteryears is a harsh wake up call. Yes, Blue Sky’s animation is the one we have come to expect from most shows targeted at girls. The people turn into barely drawn blobs in some still shots, and there is a distinct lack of movement even at the musical parts. And this is just the first episode, where it’s supposed to wow the audience into watching more.

But despite the bad animation, this anime does have it’s good points. I’ve watched Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo, and while it was a pretty enjoyable ride, it lacked any tension and the main character was like most shoujo anime girls – generic and forgettable. The guys in Primo Passo were also… actually pretty forgettable too. I mean, I don’t have any impression of them now.

Comparatively, Blue Sky’s plot development for the heroine is actually much more striking. She’s being plagued by deep doubts about her ability from when she was a young violin prodigy. The guy characters fall neatly into their character slots, but it seems like there is a bit more emphasis on their differences, and they do all look like they have something a bit different from each of them.

But, well, it’s still too early to say if this will be an enjoyable watch or not.


Spring 2016 Anime

So many new anime to watch… so little time to blog.

Some things cropped up so I was away for a super long while. I won’t promise that I’ll post regularly, but I do promise not to abandon this blog.

Did anyone notice all the cool Seinen anime coming out this season?

Wow, so tempted to get back into watching and blogging more.

WordPress has changed it’s layout a lot though. I’m not sure if it affects the picture posting so I will have to tinker around and see what happens.

Please bear with me in case the formatting is off somehow.

I can’t wait to watch Mushishi and Yamishibai. Yes, I have been that busy with family matters and work and computer problems. Things are better now though.

I’m so excited to watch them! I’ll definitely do an episodic reviews for those two series. I plan to only watch them at night to maximise the atmospheric immersion, so the posts might not be as fast, but bear with me!

Exciting times ahead!

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 1 Anime Review

Aw yesssssss, right off the bat, I was really digging the opening animations. Of course, being a harem for girls means that the first episode typically has higher production values. But the transformation for short blonde hair dude immediately signaled an anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I think after the manservice that was Free! a lot of shows loosen up even more, and introduce much more comedic elements. Kill la Kill cemented this new tide of rising over-the-topness. This continued on throughout the episode with the flowers literally blossoming in the background like in a shoujo manga.

But what I really like best about this episode was the main heroine. We saw her passion – swordmanship, and how far she was willing to go for it – practicing before a closing ceremony. She answered back against Zeus and just held her own very well in the show outside of the guys.

At this stage, I’m actually more interested in the heroine and how she’ll react to all the wacky situations, rather than being interested in any one guy. Have to see how their characters develop before choosing. Can’t wait!


Going to change the formatting for posts, I think. I’ll just post reviews without the pics since the pictures do take up some time to make. I tried recording for youtube but my home is super noisy since the air-con is broken and we’re near a road. So, I’ll shove that away for now.

I’m just really excited for this season, and I have a lot of reviews left that are half-finished from past seasons. Can’t wait!

Ginko Revives!

Mushishi Season 2 is coming out in April! HNGH. 9 years!!!! 9 years from the first season and it’s COMING!!!!

Wow. I’m so hyped about this that it’s made me crawl out of semi-hiatus to celebrate it. You know, maybe I should do an episode by episode review of the first season and put that on youtube (to save my hand the typing). What better way to celebrate it than to rewatch the whole first season, right!? And it’s something I can take my time to do instead of feeling rushed by weekly anime. Granted it’s 26 episodes, with 1 special episode, but eh, I’ll manage.

I don’t want to run into copyright problems though, so it’ll probably be hosted more like just audio rather than with video, so that should be okay, right?


Brothers Conflict Series Anime Review


Football team, assemble!

Is more always good? Brothers Conflict sets out to answer that question with a resounding yes. With 13 brothers to choose from, BroCon crushes the old convention of a 5 or 6 man reverse harem team. Our self-insertable heroine, Ema, is understandably overwhelmed by 13 men/boys suddenly chasing her, when her dad marries the step-bro’s mom. All she wants to do is be a family with all of them. Romance has never entered her mind, despite being a budding teen in high school.

As is usual with most reverse harems, our main character doesn’t have much of a personality, not even enough to push some of the guys away when they start to molest her. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she might have been in shock that her step-bro would do that to her, and that she didn’t move out because she wanted to stay as a family. It would have added more drama to the show if she did try to change her situation, but alas, that’s not what we’re here for, is it?

No, we’re here to oggle at the hot step-bros. They range from the cute little shota to the tall mature working guy. There’s something for everyone. It’s a veritable buffet of guys. It should leave everyone feeling happy and satisfied, right? There is someone for everyone after all.

And yet, I can’t help but come away from the show feeling a little empty inside. While we do get a short taste of each guy, there just isn’t enough depth to each of them. It’s a downside of splitting personality traits among each guy, with each one fiercely dominating his territory of being the “cute”, “cool”, or “sporty” one. Goodness knows the world will implode if anyone other than one guy plays sports. The ability to try and appease everyone in the audience means that the multi-facetness of a character is unfortunately sacrifice.

But if the writer or director wanted to develop each character more, they are still constrained. Even the main  characters the show focuses on feels rushed. There just isn’t enough screen time to get to know a character well enough and cover all 13 of them. Brothers Conflict’s selling point is also it’s weakness.

Making things worse, the plot of the show is lackluster. It mainly shows Ema trying to get away from the Wil E Coyote of the week. The small plot of the brothers fighting with each other over their developing feelings for her could have been elaborated more and would have showcased their personalities much better, but it just wasn’t done. Still, I have to applaud the writer going the soap opera route, because usually each guy just ignores the other guys going after the main, which is a little strange. Wouldn’t a reasonable person be jealous? Confrontational? Out of so many differing personalities in a show, not even one gets angry over it?


From the nuts that will hit your face.

While it seems like I might not have enjoyed the show, given all the negative points stated above, the truth of the matter is, I did. They handled my favourite character of the show super well. Who is it? Juli the squirrel! I was kind of surprised by the character growth the talking cute friend of Ema went through. From hateful insult sniping of the wolves to a grudging alliance with one of them, Juli probably showed the most character development of anyone in the the whole show. Plus, his comedic moments are pretty well-timed and spot-on. If you watch this show for anyone, watch it for the squirrel.

I do wish we found out more about why only the two of them could hear Juli talking though, but alas, there wasn’t enough time.

The other bright spot in the whole show for me was Natsume. So, while Brothers Conflict wasn’t able to give each character dedicated time, I did at least manage to find someone to cheer on, which I suspect is everyone’s experience with the show. It’s weakness is it’s strength and it’s strength is it’s weakness. I mean, who wouldn’t like a guy that doesn’t attempt to molest you and gives you free gaming loot instead? Compared to the other spoilt brats in the house, Natsume actually behaved like a decent human being.


Go go heartbreak rangers!

The best aspect of the show has to be the OP and ED. The catchy OP coupled with all of them dancing awkwardly in the ED makes me want to watch each episode purely for those two things. It’s just.. so… hypnotising.

Will they be back for a second season? The question on everyone’s mind that is waiting to be answered. I think that they most likely will given how much they’ve sold on a relatively small animation budget, with most of the spending being on voice actors. Reverse harems also gives male VAs quite a bit of steady work compared to shounen side-characters, since not everyone can be the main.

Personally, I don’t really care either way. If a second season is made, great, I’ll watch it. But I know that going in, there probably won’t be much plot development either, given how this first season ended. Thus, if there isn’t a second season, I won’t be too upset either because much of the same things will happen again. However, if there is plot development, the only way I can see that happening is if Ema chooses someone. When she does, and it most certainly won’t be Natsume, it means the screen-time will focus on some guy that at best I’m not interested in watching, and at worst grates on my nerves for his molesty ways. It’s a lose-lose situation for me, so I really hope they don’t make a second season.

With these pitfalls in mind, it will be difficult to direct a second season. How would a reverse harem that aims to satisfy everybody work with plot development, without a heroine choosing someone? The director for this show did an amazing job in allocating screen-time and juggling between so many guys for this first season, but I suspect the main difficulty will come with a second season if there is one.

The show is perfectly fine as it is, a single season sampling buffet of hot guys.

This Season!

Just a short post to show I’m alive. This season is just too damn overwhelming for me to review everything, so I became kind of paralysed by it all. My right hand also hurts from typing too much because of work as well. This means I have to pick and choose which anime to review and it’s extremely difficult.

It made me pause and think that I can’t possibly type out an episodic review for every episode of every anime that I watch. There’ll always be new and exciting anime coming out. There’s just no time, especially since I want to do series review on my backlog.  It’s kind of sad because doing an episodic review would be awesome, but my hand can’t handle it. It’s making me consider recording and posting on youtube once again, but I don’t really have the courage for that still.

Not to mention all the great manga series I want to review. Those that are great to read, but will never be made into an anime for one reason or another. Thank goodness I’m not getting paid to review, or I’ll vomit from wanting to do so many series and not being able to.

So, long and short of it: I’ll be cutting back on episodic reviews and doing series reviews for a while, like this blog was originally intended for. This is why there’ll be a lot more time between posts, and it may look like the blog is dead to the world.

Thank you so much for those of you who still check back every day.