Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta Episode 1 Anime Review


You’re just jealous I have so much food.

No wonder the character designs all looked so familiar. This mangaka was an illustrator first and created the character designs for Durarara!! Specifically, the character design for the evil lightning dude and Izaya’s signature jacket – the way it’s drawn is just too similar. And we see a guy lifting a vending machine in the OP. The way the girls are drawn with simple lines and the colour palette as well.

To summarise in one sentence: Beasts with magic living alongside humans and having a festival.

I was really wowed by the creative magic in this show. From the inflating goldfish to how they followed the light. The twist of the blond girl was kind of expected since characters which talk that little usually have an agenda. I’m amazed she was able to block the beasts’ mind-reading though.

There are panty shots here unlike Durarara though. Oh well. But at least the guys here are somewhat cool. Ah, if I had a butler following me around. Of course, if he nags as much as that dude, it might be a bit of a downer. I don’t think I can make the lightning dude my minion, could I?

I really really like the ED song. It’s super catchy and upbeat. Overall, a fun anime and worth following.


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4 responses to “Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta Episode 1 Anime Review”

  1. kenji says :

    The second time I watch it, I also notice that the person who change that huge fish tank into pigeons is actually the blonde girl at the beginning of the episode.

  2. kenji says :

    Also, anyone know the name of the song that blonde girl is humming at the beginning of the episode?
    I tried searching for the obvious ‘hana no uta’ to no avail, can anyone help me?

    • mushireviews says :

      I’m 80% sure that the tune she is humming is similar to the tune during the previews for next week, after the pink magic girl makes her appearance. It’ll probably be released on the OST.

      • kenji says :

        Oh thank you! didn’t notice that. At first i thought it was very similar to ‘Sakura Sakura’ at the beginning, then it use that same tune at the end of the episode.

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