Spring 2016 Anime

So many new anime to watch… so little time to blog.

Some things cropped up so I was away for a super long while. I won’t promise that I’ll post regularly, but I do promise not to abandon this blog.

Did anyone notice all the cool Seinen anime coming out this season?

Wow, so tempted to get back into watching and blogging more.

WordPress has changed it’s layout a lot though. I’m not sure if it affects the picture posting so I will have to tinker around and see what happens.

Please bear with me in case the formatting is off somehow.

I can’t wait to watch Mushishi and Yamishibai. Yes, I have been that busy with family matters and work and computer problems. Things are better now though.

I’m so excited to watch them! I’ll definitely do an episodic reviews for those two series. I plan to only watch them at night to maximise the atmospheric immersion, so the posts might not be as fast, but bear with me!

Exciting times ahead!


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2 responses to “Spring 2016 Anime”

  1. Ruki says :

    Tanaka-kun is always listless is probably the nicest series this season.

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