Kiniro no Corda: Blue Sky Episode 1 Anime Review

(I wrote this 2 years back and found it in my drafts. 😛 )

Eegads. After getting used to nicely animated male harem shows like Free, tumbling back down to earth with the choppy animation budget of yesteryears is a harsh wake up call. Yes, Blue Sky’s animation is the one we have come to expect from most shows targeted at girls. The people turn into barely drawn blobs in some still shots, and there is a distinct lack of movement even at the musical parts. And this is just the first episode, where it’s supposed to wow the audience into watching more.

But despite the bad animation, this anime does have it’s good points. I’ve watched Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo, and while it was a pretty enjoyable ride, it lacked any tension and the main character was like most shoujo anime girls – generic and forgettable. The guys in Primo Passo were also… actually pretty forgettable too. I mean, I don’t have any impression of them now.

Comparatively, Blue Sky’s plot development for the heroine is actually much more striking. She’s being plagued by deep doubts about her ability from when she was a young violin prodigy. The guy characters fall neatly into their character slots, but it seems like there is a bit more emphasis on their differences, and they do all look like they have something a bit different from each of them.

But, well, it’s still too early to say if this will be an enjoyable watch or not.


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