Ginko Revives!

Mushishi Season 2 is coming out in April! HNGH. 9 years!!!! 9 years from the first season and it’s COMING!!!!

Wow. I’m so hyped about this that it’s made me crawl out of semi-hiatus to celebrate it. You know, maybe I should do an episode by episode review of the first season and put that on youtube (to save my hand the typing). What better way to celebrate it than to rewatch the whole first season, right!? And it’s something I can take my time to do instead of feeling rushed by weekly anime. Granted it’s 26 episodes, with 1 special episode, but eh, I’ll manage.

I don’t want to run into copyright problems though, so it’ll probably be hosted more like just audio rather than with video, so that should be okay, right?



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One response to “Ginko Revives!”

  1. Cassandra says :

    A lot of people are excited for its return. Happy for you.
    I hope to start this series soon to see why everyone loves it.

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