Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyobu Kyosuke Series Review


I hope he turns it off when he’s on the pooper.

This was an enjoyable anime. I can’t really say that I liked it a lot, but it was a fun watch. I think what I liked best about the anime were the characters and the sounds. The plot itself wasn’t anything special, and the animation faltered at certain points.

Zettai Karen Children was an anime that began airing in 2008. It was about three girls and their 20 year old hapless male minder. The 10 year old girls have special powers and are called espers. They are part of an organisation called BABEL. I’ve endured the first episode of the show, and it’s not to my taste at all. Probably because the target age is likely really young.

The Unlimited – Hyobu Kyosuke focuses on PANDRA, an organisation introduced in Zettai Karen Children, that promotes the interests of espers at the expense of normal humans. Having suffered from the hands of normals during his stint in WWII, Hyobu Kyosuke, the boss of PANDRA, despises normals. He intends for espers to gain world control over humans eventually. He is an esper with a lot of powers, ranging from telekinesis to teleportation.

Andy Hinomiya, is a USEI investigator who has infiltrated the PANDRA ship Catastrophe. His main power is to negate other ESP power. Because of his “lack of power” he is ostracised by other espers in training and was then recruited to the USEI.

So, in this anime, we have four factions. Normals – people like you and me. PANDRA – the organisation against Normals. USEI – the US governmental arm overlooking espers. They mainly believe in the control and utilisation of espers as tools. BABEL – the Japanese governmental arm of espers. During WWII, they treated espers just as badly, but seem to have reformed in recent years.

However, Hyobu Kyosuke still harbours a grudge, and who can blame him? He was betrayed and shot point blank by his superiors. When he was only a child.


Esper ballet.

I won’t be giving any spoilers in this review, but suffice to say I enjoyed watching it to the end. Sure the plot was pretty predictable, especially when you have a spy involved along with an X-Men-esque storyline, but the characters were fun to watch. There isn’t anything ground-breaking in terms of plot, but you don’t need a fresh plot if your execution is good. It’s like eating a hamburger that you know the taste of and it’s delicious! I did like their back story of Hyobu where we see them during WWII. That was the most enjoyable part for me and it’s a pretty fresh take, like adding a fried egg into the hamburger. Plus, all their side characters had cool powers and personalities as well.

I preferred watching Andy over Hyobu though. Hyobu seems to have been… overwritten at some points. Almost trying too hard to be a badass, which I guess is his scthick. Whereas Andy was just trying to survive and figure out a way to accomplish his mission.

What I did love about this anime is the sound effects when their powers were used, or when there’s a tense moment. It’s all spot-on. However, the animation was pretty spotty at some places. I guess it’s because they’re on a 12 episode budget. I wish the parts where the characters were standing still and talking had been better drawn instead of becoming oddly shaped blobs. You can clearly see the difference in quality between the two screenshots I posted.

Overall, it was an entertaining watch. The plot was never draggy, characters were interesting enough and it’s a good way to spend 4 hours and treat it like a movie.


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