This Season!

Just a short post to show I’m alive. This season is just too damn overwhelming for me to review everything, so I became kind of paralysed by it all. My right hand also hurts from typing too much because of work as well. This means I have to pick and choose which anime to review and it’s extremely difficult.

It made me pause and think that I can’t possibly type out an episodic review for every episode of every anime that I watch. There’ll always be new and exciting anime coming out. There’s just no time, especially since I want to do series review on my backlog.  It’s kind of sad because doing an episodic review would be awesome, but my hand can’t handle it. It’s making me consider recording and posting on youtube once again, but I don’t really have the courage for that still.

Not to mention all the great manga series I want to review. Those that are great to read, but will never be made into an anime for one reason or another. Thank goodness I’m not getting paid to review, or I’ll vomit from wanting to do so many series and not being able to.

So, long and short of it: I’ll be cutting back on episodic reviews and doing series reviews for a while, like this blog was originally intended for. This is why there’ll be a lot more time between posts, and it may look like the blog is dead to the world.

Thank you so much for those of you who still check back every day.



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