Gingitsune Episode 4 Anime Review


How could you make a baby fox cry?

Granted, he’s been alive for 80 years, but still! He’s so tiny and cute compared to Gin. Argh, I just want to hold it and squish it. Too bad he has a prickly personality. Though that might make him cuter.

Satoru/Kuroko comes to the shrine and judging from the OP he’ll probably become regular fixture. I hope he manages to heal from his past with the help of our plucky heroine, but some things are hard to heal from, I have to admit.

I wonder what Gin was like when he was smaller? Was he as cute? As prickly? Even more so? Still lazy?

I kinda think all kids are brats when they’re younger. Or at least those that have a loving family. One point in life where we can act selfish. And poor Satoru was deprived of that.

Gosh, Haru looks like he’ll make a nice pillow.


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