Kill la Kill Episode 4 Anime Review


Vibrations from the machine gun, mhm.

Oh… Oh this episode. THIS EPISODE! Laughed my ass off and then laughed some more. It was a subversion in so many ways. If we take the previous episode as the end to an arc or “season”, this would be the filler comedy. And even though the animation and art style could be seen as low budget, the entertainment packed into it was so high.

Other subversions include Senketsu being able to be worn by Maiko, when we were expecting the uniform to reject her like in most Shounen anime. And the helpless girl who gets helped instead gets turned down by the very beginning by Ryoko, as a joke. Also, the path to school is really treacherous, and probably helps to explain why all Shounen and Shoujo hero/ines end up late at some point in an anime.

It was a mainly comedic filler, but we learnt a few important things. One, that Ryoko is in fact powerful all on her own, even without Senketsu. She managed to cover most of the ground to school and he’s just the final push needed for her to cross the finish line. A woman making the clothes.

Two, Senketsu can be worn by anyone as long as they have no shame. He isn’t exclusive to Ryoko, though his will is needed to function properly. I wonder if we’ll see Satsuki donning him before the series end.

Three, we also see that not all are absolutely loyal to Satsuki. Maiko had plans to overthrow the Satsuki regime once she received the uniform. Just how many students are truly loyal to her, and how many would abandon her once Ryoko uses her scissors on the uniforms?

Four, there are different grades of blood. Senketsu called Maiko’s blood grimy. It’s probably like eating a gritty ice-cream for us. Ryoko’s blood is most likely nectar of the gods for Senketsu. If Satsuki wears Senketsu, will he bow to her will if her blood is delicious?

The show managed to pack quite a few plot relevant informative points into one comedic episode. I barely even noticed all the information they were feeding me until I sat down to write this review. Great, great episode.


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3 responses to “Kill la Kill Episode 4 Anime Review”

  1. Artemis says :

    I agree, fantastic episode. I keep thinking that Kill la Kill can become no more hilariously ridiculous, and then it somehow always does. Love it!

  2. milesvibritannia says :

    This episode struck me as a comedy filler episode as well (a very entertaining one though), but it really is true that it does provide a lot of interesting food for thought now that you mention it. I’m curious just how much of that might come into play by the end of this anime, lots of potential for more greatness.

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