Strike the Blood Episode 4 Anime Review

ImageI wanted to be in the actual shoot.

Really enjoying this series more than I initially thought I would. Kojo’s voice is sounding better and better; the anime is getting more gory; the characters are more appealing. It’s basically a series that slowly grows on you rather than wowing you at first episode.

Because, let’s face it, a high school setting is kind of boring. I wish that even if the characters were in high school, they could have worn outside clothes that were more fashionable to make it more visually interesting.

The plot isn’t anything to scream home to at the moment, but it does explore some interesting religious questions, though in an almost heavy-handed way. It smacks you on the head with the question of whether killing people for the sake of a religious cause is good. Answer is no, says the anime, and it bashes you into the noggin until you agree.

I really like the two main characters a ridiculous amount given that they’re quite generic. There’s just something about the way they interact that was handled really well. I want them to get together! I think it’s because the author was able to write their chemistry well. Something about how their jokes were written and the dialogue, I think. I’ll watch some more to find out why.


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2 responses to “Strike the Blood Episode 4 Anime Review”

  1. download anime terbaru says :

    its a great anime for my style, i really want to download this anime. thank for review

  2. milesvibritannia says :

    Strike the Blood is a pretty fun series. It’s far from being revolutionary or original but it does a good job at what it tries to and it’s quite entertaining for the most part. The characters are indeed quite likable considering they aren’t particularly unique personalitywise and I’ve grown fond of the two leads.

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