Super Seisyun Brothers Episode 5 Anime Review

ImageGive me some sugar.

Argh!!!! I really want to do episodic reviews for this anime because it’s really fun to watch. All light and fluffy. But my hand is hurting from typing too much, which is also why my episodic reviews have been so little lately. And there’s so many awesome anime this season. No choice, I guess. I’ll be switching back to catching up on series review for a while.

So, I watched through a few episodes of this at a time since it’s pretty short. Which is good in a way, since it means the anime has a snappy pacing, rather than a slow one. Why waste time when there’s so many other anime to watch? It’s a good pick-me-up if you’re in a down mood.

There’s so many BL overtones in this episode and GL ones in the last. I think Mao would really make an awesome boyfriend. He gives backrubs to his sister (ho ho), and he’s such a loyal type of guy. Plus, he doesn’t go around molesting the girl he likes, and just fondly rubs her hair. I wonder if there’ll be any developing romance or if he’ll just pine quietly for her through the series. Because that’s beautiful too.


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