Kyousougiga Episode 3 Anime Review


Play only?

Imitation. That was the theme explored in today’s episode with the symbolism continuing on with the squares and rectangles versus round things. We got Kurama’s backstory today, and we see why he’s so driven to chant scripture and act like a good older brother. He even gives up going to the capital when he is told he can’t by his father. His attempts at imitating a human and trying to be as good as possible in the hopes of pleasing his father are ultimately coming to an end.

Kurama cannot stand being the goody-two-shoes anymore and is going to forcibly bring back their parents, because the Mirror Capital is just that – only a mirror. He is not satisfied with being a fake anymore, not in himself, nor in his surroundings. Maybe he hopes that he will turn into a human by bringing his parents back. They might have an answer.

Throughout the whole episode, we see harsh dividing lines. Between the window of the three siblings at the start, then between Kurama and Koto when they drink tea on tatami. We then see it again when Koto goes to the Mirror Capital systems area and talks to Fushimi. There’s a sea of squares separating them and heralding what is to come. We then see later on that Fushimi has forcibly planted a GPS in Shouko’s device. He’s a cunning fellow and who knows what is up his sleeve. Yet, he gives the fake impression that he just goes with the flow with Shouko.

The very, very first big circular thing we saw, was when Shouko blasts a hole in the house where Myoe and Koto were eating noodles. It’s very likely that Shouko will be on their side and help them out in the conflict to come despite her leanings with Kurama. Maybe out of her curiosity to find out more, she’ll ally with them.

The episode ends with Fushimi and Kurama discussing Koto, how she resembles their parents with her manner of speech and her eyes are so similar to her father’s. There’s also the small link we saw with Yase’s stitched bunny. It looks to be the same one that Koto has in her house that she says good morning to every day. More and more connects this family in a circular bond.


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