Yami Shibai Episode 12 Anime Review


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Getting burnt out on all the fantasy anime recently and the lack of horror ones. I’m still waiting for Pupa to come out. So, with a dwindling motivation to review due to the backlog of Series Review as well, I decided to revisit this favourite. I’ve been putting off watching and reviewing this anime because I don’t want it to end! There’s a lot of awesome fantasy and science fiction and sports anime this Fall, but only one horror one yet to come out. And no, Diabolik Lovers isn’t a horror as much as it tries to be.

So, this episode was a pretty creepy one, especially the last scene where… spoilers… where the girl was hanging from the ceiling from being dragged up. Holy shit. That was excellent creepy directing since you imagine her suffocating as the shadow drags her up to join him.

You also kind of feels that she deserved it. She didn’t keep her promise. Yet, at the same time, it’s too harsh a punishment because I’m sure all of us has been callous about a promise at one time or another. Especially to kids. I think children are really funny in that a lot of them have “playmates” when they’re younger, and might not realise their supernatural origins. At least, that’s what a lot of anecdotal experiences suggest.

But who started the chain? Who made the little boy get sucked into the ground in the first place? This episode was creepy, even without any jump scares, but I wonder if they could have made it creepier.

Imagine if the children see her hanging from the ceiling. A nearby boy sees and screams, calling for his mother, who goes to knock on her door, then open it. We see the girl answers the door. All is well. But as the woman turns to leave, we see that the silhouette in the corner of her room now has pigtails. It is a single shadow now.

The girl has been sucked into the shadow world and the boy takes her place in her body.


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