Nagi no Asukara Episode 3 Anime Review


Underwater wrestling, anyone?

WOAH! That reveal at the end. Well, this episode had a lot of development for Hikari, more so than Manaka. We examined his feelings towards his sister’s relationship with a land dweller, and we were educated on how sea dwellers could breathe underwater. Ena – like an amniotic fluid they’re born with. Land dwellers burst through, and so do babies of land and sea dwellers. This is why people are banished for loving a landlubber – no more babies.

Kind of insane, but not really.  Japan is having a lack of babies, so it’s much the same situation the sea dwellers are experiencing. And Akari is so… I think in terms of character development, she might have taken two steps forward and then three steps back. Having a relationship with a landlubber was doing what she liked, and then bending to the whims of society, she went backwards.

Not a lot of people would do that, though I think she’s probably doing it more for her family. Her father’s the priest there, so his job will be affected and… Really, I think sooner or later the sea dwellers will have to move to the land. The school has already closed down. There’s just no way they can sustain living underwater, as much as they want to keep the old ways.

It never ceases to amaze me the pain adults will put their children through. I think next episode, Hikari’s true feelings about his sister’s relationship will be tested some more. I really like the way he’s grown in this episode.


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