Kill la Kill Episode 3 Anime Review


Same dress as me? Die!

I was wondering when it would happen – Satsuki getting her own Kamui on. It happened at a much faster plot pace than I expected, and this episode watched like the second to last, where the protag and main rival fight and then become friends. The fact that it’s episode 3 makes my earlier suspicions right. Satsuki isn’t the big bad. It’s very likely her parents. As the teacher foretold, he’s questioning her actions.

We could clearly see Satsuki hitting Senketsu with the hilt of her blade. Not even the blunt side, but the hilt! Considerably less imagining. Ow, by the way. Imagine getting poked in the eye by a sword hilt.

I’m beginning to think that this whole show is a fashion fighting show. Become one with the clothing. Let the clothes maketh you. Using high tech scientific methods to materialise a Goku uniform. The teacher modeling. The tennis balls under the skirt which was a very creative and unique way to depict its poofiness. Even the boxing guy educated Ryoko on his gloves. Ultra super sharp scissors.

I also still like Mako a lot. She and her family are just so adorable!

I think as the show progresses we’ll see more themes about clothing and the identity that comes with it. Do the clothes make the woman, or does the woman make the clothes?


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