Galilei Donna Episode 2 Anime Review


If I find it, I’ll stuff it up your bumhole.

Aw man, why’d the other handsome guy got to be such a douchebag? Urgh, I want to strangle him. If the ending picture is true, he’s the one who indirectly caused her to end up that way! And he shot at papa!

The opening for this anime is really cool! All the goldfish. It reminds me of the goldfish I used to keep. They grew until they were all big and fat. Then… I accidentally killed them. Up to this day, I feel guilty. I won them from a school fair too, so they had a lot of sentimental value for me.

Damn, that goldfish mecha is so awesome. And big curls lady as well. I really hope that… Well, we all know that she’s probably got her own agenda for helping the girls out, but I hope that she treats the girls well at least.

I think Galileo’s inheritance is built in the goldfish mecha, since the blueprints were found in the attic. The father probably knew it which was why he wanted the girls to flee.


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