Coppelion Episode 3 Anime Review


Leaf by leaf.

So, in this episode, we meet up with the engineer who designed the plant. He’s old by now, and he goes around delivering goods to the people who still live in that area. We find out one of the last few people is an old lady. She almost gets kidnapped by these people on a B2 stealth bomber but luckily Ibara saves her.

I think the engineer risks his life in such a high radiation zone because he feels guilty for what he has done. But do we hear him say that? Do we get flashbacks of how the plant was designed or how he spent years in school studying? Or do we see how the public treated him after the nuclear incident?

Nope. We get treated to Ibara droning on and on about how she doesn’t mind that she’s a puppet of the government when it’s revealed that the curative ether she injects in people is made from their cells. Yup, the same damn thing we’ve been hearing in the past two damn episodes, we hear again in episode 3.

But, okay, I understand why they might not get into the old engineer’s backstory now, since near the close he’s seen teaming up with the girls to hunt the bomber down. Maybe in the later episodes? But what they did miss out on was the old granny’s story of what happened after the incident. We do have one girl staying behind to take care of her, so hopefully we’ll find out more.

I just wish that the anime would focus more on the stories of ordinary people affected by the incident, since we’re going to be stuck with the girls for the whole damn series. I also wish there were more differentiation in what the girls feel towards being used by the government, instead their collective minds are written as a singular character.


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