Samurai Flamenco Episode 1 Anime Review

ImageAnd be sane? No!

This is gonna be a treat. At least, I expect this show to be the type that builds up as the series goes along, with different layers to the characters being added. It has a bit of a Tiger and Bunny feel to it with how the two characters interact with each other. Masayoshi is a male model who wants to be a hero, but it’s not an available career path, so he goes after small crimes instead. Goto is a police officer who bumps into him one day, and looks like he’ll always have to go to Masayoshi’s rescue. Mr Justice can’t fight, so even as the episode ended we see the police officer running after him.

The coolest thing about Masayoshi has to be his house. It’s so big and gorgeous with an otaku stash wardrobe to put all the toys and books and posters of the hero anime he grew up watching. But of course, reality isn’t that kind and we see him getting bashed up by middle school kids and his exploits filmed and posted on the web. I hope Goto takes an episode to teach him how to fight.

Then again, you have to wonder if that’s a good idea since he may go around bashing people up. It’s kind of dangerous to have a vigilante running around for various reasons. While I think that we should all try to do good and not commit illegal crimes, is jaywalking really that bad? I mean if the street is completely empty, why waste time waiting for a light and staying out late when you can just cross?

Gintoki’s voice here is so much more suitable as Goto, rather than as Ragna in Blazblue. Goto’s a lot older and has a bigger frame; it really fits his voice much better. Animation was pretty good, thought of course there isn’t any too flashy moves yet to showcase it. I like the fact that we see Goto actually blinking in just the first episode.


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