Outbreak Company Episode 2 Anime Review


We need Noggin Hood to steal from the rich and give to the poor.

I am digging the direction this anime is going! I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as I did, but the details in the plot points are pretty unique.

Okay, so this episode we continued from the last where he basically shouted that the princess was small. So the old human dude says that it’s because adults are 20 years old here. Nice save! They then set up a library of Otaku manga and anime, including “Attack on Iron Giant”. The princess goes and orders Shinichi to read to her. Miusel, who has diligently been studying, sits beside them and listens in, so Shinichi explains to her some of the Japanese words. The seeds of jealousy are sown and later on the princess ends up super pissed off and insults Miusel and called her a mutt for being a half-elf and all sorts of horrid things.

I wanted so badly for Shinichi to just brain her, but god damn that boy has the patience for a saint. I think it’s because the princess is a cute girl so it’s hard for a guy to his her, but DAMN. I got so angry, I don’t know how he could contain it so well. I really like Miusel a lot. She’s so awesome as a person. Hard-working, polite, nice and considerate. I really couldn’t stand what the princess was doing.

And then we learnt that there is no equality in their country. At all. There is no concept of it. And then I forgave the princess. This is really what it’s like in our past as well. Since it’s only the nobles who get any knowledge, lesser people can contribute to that pool as well. There is no concept of equality because it hasn’t been discovered or invented yet. I can’t blame her for acting the way she did, especially when she’s been brought up as a princess her whole life.

It was really sad to see the kids say that they don’t do anything for fun. And that the signs over the shops are all drawings because the general population can’t read. At first I thought it would be really cool to live in this place, and then I think… Nope, I would kill myself if there were no books to read just because I’m a peasant.

This poses a problem for Shinichi since he can’t exactly read out all the manga to everybody, and even if he translates it, only a few nobles will understand how to read. Anime as well. You can’t sub the anime. I’m hoping that by the end of the series, Shinichi has set up a dubbing company that hires half-elves and the disadvantaged and they get to earn money while dubbing the anime shows.

Is it good to bring equality to a people under a monarchy? I suspect Shinichi will be confronted with that question in the next episode.

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2 responses to “Outbreak Company Episode 2 Anime Review”

  1. 8bitheadspace says :

    I can’t help but feel like Shinchi’s preaching about justice and equality felt really contrived… I know this show loves to make fun of cliches but they really shot themselves in the foot with that scene.

    Although I did enjoy the various references a lot more this episode.

  2. mushireviews says :

    Yeah, the main character in a show always preaches about that. And it’s funny because Japan still has an Emperor, though in name only. Not exactly true equality since not everyone can become the Emperor.

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