Golden Time Episode 2 Anime Review


Winner pisses on the loser.

Ah, this anime makes me feel better for some reason. I mean, I guess it isn’t a pure comedy, even though there are comedic moments. Maybe it’s the super catchy ending song with the Engrish? Or maybe it’s… because it’s uncomplicated, yet heart-warming. Everyone’s pretty nice in the anime, despite their insecurities.

Tada is finding new friends even though he was unsure how he would handle life in Tokyo. Mitsuo is successfully dodging Kaga and having his own life away from her obsessiveness. Kaga is slowly opening up to the world around her and making new friends. The whole anime just gives the vibe that everything will turn out okay, and sometimes you really need just that, you know? I don’t need a complicated story or action, action, action to be engaged by the characters. Because being a young adult can be a super scary age, which makes the characters identifiable.

The way their insecurities were depicted was quite well done. Tada is, after all, being caught between two friends, and we see how he is very diplomatic about it. He values both of them as friends and is trying to act as a bridge between them without imposing his own beliefs, which is really all you can ask for in a friend. “Hey, she waits for you every day outside the school gate..” “Maybe you shouldn’t chase him like that..” It’s a very adult way of handling things- helping without taking sides.

Kaga herself is also probably coming to terms with the fact that eventually her world has to consist of more than Mitsuo, and the fact that she is being ignored for how society perceives her. It’s probably how we’ve all felt at some point in our lives, wondering if anything we do will actually have an impact on anyone.

I’m really happy to see all the new friends Tada is making and I hope we learn more about Linda in the coming episodes. This is a healing, relaxing anime.


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