Nagi no Asukara Episode 2 Anime Review


A true connoisseur of piss.

Ah, young love. So tragic and innocent. Poor Manaka. She really shouldn’t get so worked up when Hikari screams at her, because it’s not her fault he can’t handle or express his feelings for her very well. It’s just the side effect of awakening to budding feelings and challenges for them

I wonder if this will be a sanitised Ariel the Little Mermaid or if this will turn into a Romeo and Juliet scenario. I see a lot more parallels to Ariel though, especially with the witch being the hot dude, since they both did magic and kind of brought Manaka and Tsumugu closer together.

Once again, gorgeous environments and animation. But, erhm, Manaka’s constant crying is getting a bit grating. Especially when it’s over what I consider a small thing, which is Hikari being angry, but I guess it’s a big thing for her. I’m also guessing that as the series goes on, she’ll start crying less.

We also see Hikari’s sister serving as a warning to Manaka. Don’t fall in love with surface people or bad things will happen. I’m hoping it’ll be gruesome like burning off her gills or scales or something. It’s really interesting how much distaste the adults in the underwater world have for the surface, and how much distaste the kids of the surface have for the adults. Comparatively, we haven’t seen a lot of adults on the surface hate those under, nor have we seen many kids under hate the surface. Not counting Hikari.

How will Hikari reconcile his sister being hated for loving someone on the surface with Manaka liking someone on the surface? He’s bound to support his sister, but he will hate Manaka doing the same thing. What will his outward stance be? And what will be his inward stance? I think, knowing this is sort of a growing up anime, Hikari will say that he hates what his sister is doing whenever Manaka is around, since he is already anti-surface. But inwardly, he might support her as the series goes.


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