Kill la Kill Episode 2 Anime Review


…to Modeling Secrets 101.

Yes! The pacing was so much better this episode. The comedy parts where Ryuko visits Mako is snappishly on time. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it? Well, that scene was hilarious. And then when we got to the fight parts against tennis girl, it didn’t move as quickly so there was time to process the action that happened. I really liked that they had the comedy there of the perverts taking photos of Ryuko. Funny as shit.

And we get manservice this chapter! The teacher put up an impromptu fashion show. Though I have to say, I kind of liked it when the teacher had the thick glasses on with the messy hair. He was more…. laidback cool I guess? Not that I’m complaining since we get to see him almost naked like Ryuko is most of the time.

I really like Mako as a friend to Ryuko. She strikes me as someone who doesn’t mind getting bullied herself but sticks up for her friend in trouble just like Ryuko is. I mean when the tennis club was whacking her with the balls, she didn’t defend herself, or maybe couldn’t. But when Ryuko was going to lose, she said, hey no, Ryuko won. I wanted to grind those stupid tennis girls into dust for bullying Mako, and it felt so good when Ryuko beat the crap out of them.

Actually, judging from Satsuki’s actions… I don’t think she is the real big bad in this series. She seems like she’s trying to help Ryuko grow and to use Senketsu properly. Very cool way of naming it, by the way. I love it that Ryuko took the initiative to name the uniform without being prompted. It’s such a small detail but it really shows how much agency she has as a character, and that Senketsu works under her.

Back to Satsuki. From the way she lets Ryuko run off after a match is over to the way she judged and allowed Ryuko to use her scissor in the match, I think that she’s actually a good person. Her mother who runs the school board is probably the one who’s pulling all the strings and pressuring her daughter to do shit like that. Satsuki probably wants to strengthen Ryuko and then maybe use her powers to overthrow her mom or for some other end.


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