Galilei Donna Episode 1 Anime Review


While the rest of the world is weak to drink and men.

I want a flying goldfish so badly now. The ship design for this anime is so cool and cute! And so are the character designs, ahem. I didn’t think I would like this anime so much since the summary for it is kind of shitty. It’s about three sisters and they’re being attacked by a mysterious organization, so they band together and escape on a ship. Sounds boring, right?

But the anime executes it very well. Animation is gorgeous and the pacing is good. We got a lot of character details and plot in just the first episode. I really liked the touching scene where the father hugged the girl, and we find out that the father and mother are separated. There’s a lot of shows where the parents are together or one is missing, but not many with separated ones that I’ve watched, at least. Or if they are separated, one is usually an evil mastermind or something. This show presents them both as sane people, which is a realistic approach to life despite all the amazing flying mechas.

I liked the character designs. Especially on the males. Even the side characters helping out red haired kidnapper have their own unique flair, like a scar or something. The father was also given a lot of attention in terms of clothing and mannerisms. Super awesome to see variation in age in the main male characters too. At least, I hope the father sticks around. He strikes me as someone I would want to hang around with.

I also liked the girl with the two GIANT gravity-defying curls. What hair products does she use?

Maybe… the only complaint about this first episode would be we need more screen time for red haired dude! But I’m sure we’ll see more of him in future. He’s the bishounen bait.


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