Coppelion Episode 2 Anime Review


Should you really be worrying about that at this time?

Kind of touching episode. Why kind of? Well, the whole story this episode was about why a family stays in the contaminated zone. The parents of the little girl are both criminals. The father’s crime was unnamed, but given how easily he took one of the girls hostage, probably a murderer or bank robber. The mother’s crime was killing her own child. I’m guessing she either did it because of post-partum depression or maybe she was worried her baby would be taken away. Kind of like how a hamster mother eats her babies when a predator is near.

So the girls go off to find this supposed daughter and throughout the episode they’re basically talking about their histories and being a “living doll”. Unfortunately, the writer for this show had too heavy a hand on the script. The emotion in this episode feels forced, like we HAVE TO feel sad as they tell each other about their tragic lives. It just became annoying and kind of detracted away from the whole criminal living in a contaminated city which would have been cool to learn more about.

No, instead we go down the obvious plot line of the mother taking her child hostage and then sacrificing herself. Sigh. I wish they treated the audience more intelligently. You don’t have to shove emotional moments in our faces, and it would have been more natural if the girls asked more about how the couple came here all the way from up north, or if they saw anyone along the way. I think the pacing was to blame here. There’s just no room for the plot to breathe, and I guess it’s because of all the other characters in the OP and this was just like a stepping stone to more interesting characters.

Well, at least the environment and animation was a treat to watch even if the handling of the story was bad.


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