Tokyo Ravens Episode 1 Anime Review


Neither did you.

ARGH! MY EARS! What is wrong with the sound mixing in this anime!? You know, when an anime does sound correctly, you usually barely notice it, but when it does it wrong, fuck it’s annoying. Something went seriously wrong here! The people talking was so soft and the fucking sound effects were too loud! It’s even worse than movies you watch at home, when the sound isn’t equalised.

And the anime had such an interesting plot too! And characters as well! URGH. So, basically, Harutora comes from the main branch of an Onmyoji family, but he can’t see spirits. The main plot of this episode was how everyone wishes he was a mage and all of them were fostering expectations on him, when he was kinda content to just live a normal life.

Just back off man! The boy doesn’t want to be a mage and it’s not like that’s the only thing in life he has to be. He could be a good doctor or lawyer and still that stupid girl Hokuto will probably nag the fuck out of him. I feel like I’m projecting here, but really, it’s annoying when people tell you what you should be and it’s something almost unattainable. If this were real life, I wouldn’t be friends with her.

But this is anime, so of course Harutora is thrust into combat, and will most likely have another power or something. What I like the best about this show is that there seems to be an even mix of guys and girls in the opening. It’s always fun to enjoy a show that most everyone has some interest, provided they fix the fucking sound.


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