BlazBlue: Alter Memory Episode 1 Anime Review


Or meat buns, perhaps?

I’m really being spoiled this season. In any other season, the animation and fighting in this episode would have been a treat to watch, but after comparing it with the other shows coming out this season – there’s no comparison. There isn’t much creativity in the fights in this first episode, but maybe it’ll pick up later on. We don’t really know much of the plot yet, though fans of the game probably might.

Not much is going on actually. We have Ragna the Bloodedge terrorising the city and his wanted posters everywhere. He then meets a strange cat creature and then fights with his little brother, Jin. There’s flashbacks peppered throughout.

I found it hilarious that Gintoki is once again playing some silver-haired protagonist who fights with a sword, and we kind of see that reference in the ending previews. I don’t really thing he was a good choice in seiyuu though. His voice is too deep for it. Ragna sounds like he would be younger and have a not so deep voice.

However, Jin’s seiyuu is marvelous! He’s a real treat to watch since he captures the craziness well. And it helps that he’s kind of cute as well, though the uniform is horrible. I’ll probably be watching this anime to see Jin and hear his seiyuu’s voice.


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