Yowamushi Pedal Episode 1 Anime Review


Well, mommies are known for their endurance.

Another cliffhanger! Yarrrrgh. So many anime coming out this season that are fun to watch, and this is another. Our main protagonist, Onoda, is your typical otaku, so he saves on bus fare and bikes to Akiba instead.

There wasn’t a lot of things happening in this episode, except we get introduced to Onoda and the major players in the show. I like Onoda as a main character though, he’s passionate about anime and he’s pretty laidback, singing when he bicycles.

We have the typical heroine who doesn’t have much of a personality and will probably act as narrator throughout the show. Then we have Shunsuke who’s probably going to be his rival/friend, since the boy has challenged Onoda to a bike race already.

I like the character designs for the show. They’re all different in body sizes and shapes, which is a bit odd, since the rider we see on tv usually just have the lean form Shunsuke spots. But I guess it’s because they’re all still in high school anyway.

Animation only gets good at action scenes, as is tradition for sports anime, and the art is spotty at some places, but I’m expecting the story to pick up soon.


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