Gingitsune Episode 1 Anime Review



Grrrr… WordPress ate my review! *glare glare glare* And then when I tried to reupload, it screwed up the formatting, so I’m redoing the whole thing. Probably from overstuffing with all the awesome anime coming out.

Okay, so basically this anime is about a girl who is in line to become the oracle of a shrine, since she can see the herald which is a giant humanoid fox.

The anime opened with adults talking about the girl at a funeral and who will take care of her, which is kind of a rude thing to do. It’s not like kids are death, you know?

In this episode, Makoto, is kind of made use by her friend to tell a fortune about a fight between the girl and her boyfriend. An incorrect fortune is told and she blames it on the fox, but it’s really her fault and they make it up in the end.

If you liked Natsume Yuujinchou, this is the anime for you. And I swear on my life, even though the anime is classified as seinen since the manga was published in Ultra Jump, this watches like a shoujo or josei. There’s a Kamisama Hajimemashita vibe to it too.

It was super cute when Makoto places her head on Gintaro’s paw instead of an orange and that part kind of reminded me of Usagi Drop (manga aside).

Mooore Mikan!


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