Yami Shibai Episode 11 Anime Review


And then he realised he filmed it while drunk.

Super creepy episode! Yikes! The tearing of the black tape over the video cassette meant something was bad. It was probably to keep whatever is inside it inside.

When the video started playing, my eyes went to half-closed mode because I knew something scary was going to happen. I liked the fact that they shifted the creepy figure from the back to the foreground without any music since it made the whole thing more shocking and scary. A lot of times horror media gives the scare away by too early music and this fault is also present in some earlier episodes.

The sudden lack of noise is sometimes more scary than the presence of one, as proven by the talkative friends suddenly going silent.

I got extremely scared that the figure was going to do something else, and… what if it came out of my screen? That’s the good thing about these types of video horror stories since reality and fiction blend.

Then, I got to the end. I could finally open my eyes. The monsters were not scary at all. They looked like the paintings of an artist dabbling in distorting human figures and were comical. Sigh. Right at the end, the episode let me down. This could have been the perfect scare if they cut it off at the figure disappearing, and the scary deep voice speaking without showing the monster.

Less is more, Yami Shibai!


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2 responses to “Yami Shibai Episode 11 Anime Review”

  1. C says :

    You *did* see the Morning Musume prank, yes? (:

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