Diamond no Ace Episode 1 Anime Review

ImageIt fried the batter.

I have no idea what the rules of baseball are, but I decided to watch the first episode of this show since there was a lot of hype around it for a sports anime. The manga has been serialised since 2006 and it has won a few awards, so why not? At least the story has to be interesting.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how engaged I was despite not much of an interest in actual baseball. The main character, Eijun, instantly endeared himself to me when he punched up opposing team members for making fun of a girl that played on his team. I suspect that’s part of the mangaka’s way to hook in a female audience.

Not that it’ll be that hard with a full cast of guys. Eijun’s look reminds me a lot of Eren. Though some of the other characters I saw in the OP don’t exactly have a bishounen look, but they do exude coolness. I also like Eijun’s way of sticking up for his friends, despite how tropeish it is. What can I say? I like protagonists who are loyal to their friends instead of being wimpy.

I’m kind of really excited to see what episode 2 brings since it ended off with him saying he was going to throw 11 pitches which would change his life. How would it? Will Eijun go to the new school? What will happen? I’m terribly tempted to go read the manga, but, urgh, no. I’ll wait.


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