Strike the Blood Episode 1 Anime Review


Make BBQed horse meat.

I feel like I’m becoming immune to panty shots in shounen anime. There’s at least one in ever first episode I’ve watched this season, and they all try to treat it as part of the plot with having the characters react to it, but eh, I just ignore it and however the characters react to it as not having anything to do with their real personality. It just feels like a contrived writer’s device to hook in a male audience.

Ignoring the panty plot point, Strike the Blood is a pretty cool anime. At least, I like the main male character- Kojo. Most probably because he has silver hair and his general rebellious attitude reminds me a little of Gintoki, so instant transfer liking there. He’s the vessel for the Fourth Progenitor and a vampire, living in a government sanctioned area for magic users and the like.

I find that aspect of the anime interesting, wondering how they’ll treat this government controlled magic area. I guess the high school setting is tolerated since that’s their target audience as well.

So, anyway, he bumps into Yukina and she ends up fighting with this other guy who’s a magic user and woah, the animation blew my mind, because for a side character, that’s pretty damn good design. At least, I think that’s a side character. We really weren’t given much about the show in the first episode.

There isn’t much that really stands out to me at the moment, but I think the plot will develop more as the series goes along.


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4 responses to “Strike the Blood Episode 1 Anime Review”

  1. Cassandra says :

    Yukina really should avoid the short skirts. And also Kojou’s eyes naturally going to be drawn to her panties after all where is he going to look the floor?

    I have to agree the animation is pretty neat especially in the instances of fighting scenes. Glad to know someone else like it too!

    Check out my own thoughts on The Huge Anime Fan.

  2. Akuma Hano says :

    Err, you made a slight error and that is that Koujo is the Fourth Progenitor.
    Anyway, I found the episode to be amazing just like the manga (which gave me quite alot of spoilers which I shall not say) and nice job with the review, I’m sure you’ll do a marvelous job on your reviews (this is your first time running a blog, yes?). The main thing to try not to do is be bias at …well, almost everything? (at least, that’s how I think reviews should be made…)

    • mushireviews says :

      Fourth? I thought the Fourth Progenitor was the girl, so he would be the Fifth? Or is it a transference of title thing? I’m not very sure actually since it wasn’t explained clearly in the show, but I’ll go edit it so it reads better.

      Yup, it’s my first time running an anime or review blog. I think that all opinion blogs have a bias though, since they’re talking about what they like and don’t like about something, which stems from personal taste.

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