Outbreak Company Episode 1 Anime Review


I’ll burn their castles down!

Outbreak Company? Ooo, zombies? Maybe horror? Serious zombie anime? *Reads the synopsis.* Wait, what? Dragons, elves and political intrigue with an otaku as a main male protagonist? Well, alright, I’ll give it a shot.

Our resident Otaku is the typical hero thrust into an atypical world. After a test by a company and getting knocked out, he wakes up in a new land. At the sight of the maid, Miurel, entering his room, I knew instantly this was a harem. And I couldn’t stop watching.

The animation for this show is fluid. It isn’t Free-levels, but it’s solid. Art for the backgrounds and architecture is wonderful to look at. And the comedy is quite good for a reused premise. The lines are executed well despite the cliches.

I also kind of really like Miusel. She’s super cute, though I still don’t find her falling down schtick very appealing. I liked how happy she was when she got the writing from Otaku. I just really liked it when she was so passionate about learning, even though her social status seems to prevent her from it.

Which is another thing I’m waiting to see from the show. The political dealings and class divides. I don’t think this will ramp up into a drama, but it’ll be deeper than, say, Dog Days. It does have the same atmosphere of that show though – happy and full of heart. It’s a childhood dream to escape into a fantasy world and this is it.


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