Nagi no Asukara Episode 1 Anime Review


Swim, you fool!

This anime is gorgeous! The detailed scenery and the amount of attention paid to animating the background reminds me of Uchouten Kazoku. No surprise since it’s the same studio, P.A. Works. There’s the same otherworldly reality in this story as well. At least, from what I can tell so far from the first episode.

It revolves around four children who are sea dwellers. They live under the sea, but recently their high school was closed down. So, they’re now the new transfer students in a high school on land. The world mythology is that humans were once sea dwellers too, but they gave it up to live on land. We can see that there are still remaining tensions as the kids are made fun of, and even a shopowner’s wall was graffitied upon.

I really like the character designs. All their eyes are a bright blue or greenish-blue, and their sailor uniforms look so crisp and stylish. It’s just a really well made and intricate world, with fish swimming around in stunning animation.

Hm, I think, from the first episode, my favourite character so far would have to be… Manaka or Tsumugu. I like the.. feathery things she has sticking out the side of her head or are they gills? And when she gets in trouble, she does so in a hilarious way. I don’t mind her crying too much, since it’s pretty entertaining when she starts to cry. Tsumugu reminds me of Haru a little, in his obsession with fish and his nonplussed way of acting.

The only thing that pissed me off about the episode was when Chisaki just stood there while Manaka was being manhandled by the girls. I wanted to reach into the screen and shove those bitches off. Goodness, those humans are so rude!


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