Log Horizon Episode 1 Anime Review


I kind of pity him for ever having to eat that at all.

While the premise isn’t exactly new, I liked the small details in the execution of this anime. People all over the world are stuck in a game. Enter our protagonist who meets up with his friends list and try to figure out what’s going on and how to fight.

I liked that Akatsuki was actually a girl in real life, and her male avatar had a constant constipated look on his face. The detail that she doesn’t talk a lot is brilliant because it really is how most females operate online when playing games in order not to be harassed.

I also liked the detail with all the food tasting the same. I mean, if you were coding a game, you wouldn’t go code in the taste. Actually, it makes me wonder if it’s because the food wasn’t coded for taste, or if it’s because being able to taste things weren’t coded in for avatars. What other things differ in the online world? I also found it funny that our main male protagonist is a bit taller in the game.

The action and animation and art weren’t too spectacular, but I find that the characters are all really likable. I especially like the armour and clothes they were all wearing, since they all had bits of unique flair to them. Akatsuki’s assassin clothes looked extremely stylish. I also like the main male protagonist’s eyes and the simple style in which they were drawn. It does make him look like a conniving strategist. I’m hoping that the comedy picks up as we get to know more characters and pick up more of a party.


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