Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Episode 1 Anime Review


One man’s damn is another man’s adorableness.

All hail Kuroko for bringing us bishounen playing basketball! Aw yes, season 2 has officially started and we get a really nice summary by a reporter of all the teams. Unsurprisingly, Kuroko is still flying under the radar. I wonder if we took a video or photo of the basketball games, if Kuroko will appear as a smudge or blur like in ghost photos.

I really really loved the opening. I always looked forward to the episode openings in season 1 because they got me so pumped up to watch the show. And from this season’s opening, we can tell the animation has really stepped up as well. There’s lesser still shots and more movement. And there’s brighter colours involved.

I still find the shading of parallel lines a bit jarring, but eh, I can ignore it after a few episodes.

What I really like about Kuroko the anime compared to the manga is that we get to see the shots in action, and with shounen sports anime that get a second season, they usually get a higher budget so it’ll be animated even better. I also like that there’s more comedy involved in the animation.

For a first episode, it’s a little slow, since we’re building up the back story to the showdown between Kagami and new bishounen Himuro. I don’t mind since there’ll definitely be awesome scenes next episode!


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2 responses to “Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Episode 1 Anime Review”

  1. exof954 says :

    Ya know, Kuroko said he hates opponents going easy on him, but Aomine did just that. XD

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