Golden Time Episode 1 Anime Review

ImageDude, we know you want to.

So, we’ve hung up our high school uniforms for a suit and tie in this anime, as our main male protagonist goes to college to study to become a lawyer. I’m quite happy to see that our main male protagonist manages to make a male friend despite initially displaying stalkerish tendencies to two girls.

Being a main protagonist, he is, as usual, late. Misses the college entrance. Don’t worry, bro. Just a bunch of old people droning on. So, he goes to orientation and on the way he and his friend are confronted by a stalker girl. Talks a lot during orientation. Nothing new.

What is new is when they step out of orientation to see all the clubs and groups trying to bag them as members. More members equals more allocation of club funds, and so our protag is pulled here and there. Then, at the end of the day, he goes home.

I really liked the pacing of this show. I watched this after Kill la Kill and it felt so nice, calm, peaceful, entertaining and happy. My favourite girl, if the protag has to end up with anyone, is Linda. She’s the big sisterly lady who pulled him out of the crowd and I’m hoping we get to see more of her soon.

Characters and jokes weren’t anything unique, but there was something about the way the package was presented as an anime in college life that makes me want to see more. I guess the anime producers finally took note that a lot of their target audience have kind of left high school for almost a decade, and maybe there’s a glut of high school settings. Awesome ED too.

A warm, sweet dish best served as a dessert after the spicy confusion of another anime. Nice to relax and unwind to. Would watch more.


We wear mochi on our heads.


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