Kill la Kill Episode 1 Anime Review


…Crab Shell Crushers.

Wow! I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this anime so much. I mean the premise is actually a little boring since it takes place in a high school. We also have the typical revenge-my-parent storyline, and the whole shounen plot of fighting and battling bigger bad monsters.

But it’s super entertaining. The characters are tropish, but they take their tropes to the extreme with excellent voice actors talking a mile a minute or screaming like all passionate boxers.

What’s the coolest thing about the show though are the main female protagonist and her antagonist – Ryuko and Satsuki. I’m getting sick and tired of shounen shows with female characters that make me want to shake them and shove them to the personality discount store. So, I was supremely happy to see that the girls in this show – they ooze style.

Ryuko is a male shounen hero in female form, and yet her responses to some of the things that happen to her show that she does have a personality. When the uniform assaults her, when she’s interacting with her new friend Mako. I really liked the part where Mako’s brother stole the lemon instead of the wallet he was aiming for and Ryuko teases him about the first kiss. It’s not a gender-specific action or phrase, and it’s unique in showcasing her personality. And surprisingly, I also like Mako’s craziness a lot. She’s like a straight man to Ryuko’s badassery, highlighting the craziness going on.

Satsuki. Oh wow. I love the 1984-esque vibe she has going on. The redundant grey shirts, the chants, the elevation of a single person into a god-like figure. It’s just so fun to watch her glare at Ryuko. I love her voice actress. Both voice actresses are spot on for their deeper and commanding tones.

And the comedy is hilarious too. The pace is almost breakneck though, and I kind of hope they slow it down a little in the next episode since I barely have time to react before there’s something else going on. The artstyle is kind of cutesy mixed with an adult stylisation to the costumes, especially Ryuko’s. She remind me a bit of Bayonetta – a strong female character who fights badassly.

Damn, that was fun.


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One response to “Kill la Kill Episode 1 Anime Review”

  1. Artemis says :

    YES. Yes yes yes. After that opening episode, I have a hard time believing that any other new show of the autumn line-up could possibly top it. It’s been years since I’ve seen a first anime episode that had such impact, not to mention pure funk. It’s not even my usual style, but I loved every minute of it! Pure, unadulterated fun.

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