Diabolik Lovers Episode 3 Anime Review


I wear clothes when I bath just like any other vampire.

Aw man, why’d you have to go forcibly suck her blood, Shuu? You were doing so well and hesitating, unlike Ayato who’s overly pushy. You almost resisted, but then you did it. Blah. How unclassy. You should make Pancake want it before doing it.

I was hoping he wouldn’t do it, but he went through with it. Kind of sad because he’s the most appealing looks-wise. Even in his flashback, he looked cute. I wonder why he’s so sleepy all the time though.

I was also hoping Ayato would have gotten kicked in the balls when he was sucking Pancake’s blood. No such luck. She was in a prime position to do it. But maybe that wouldn’t have been wise because he might have ripped out an artery? Then again, there wasn’t any holes in his hickies, so was he really sucking blood?

I wonder who their mothers are and why they weren’t taught any vampire manners. Didn’t their mothers teach them not to play with their food?


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