Uchoten Kazoku Episode 13 Anime Review


Bu-But… I love pork.

What a beautiful, beautiful end to an eccentric family! The confrontation between the eldest son and the uncle was so satisfying to watch. I really enjoyed the tension in that scene, and the subsequent rescue of Mama Tanuki. It was such a touching and funny chain of events that led to her being saved. Who would have thought the man who professed to love tanuki so much would be the one to turn his back on his whole ideology to save a tanuki he raised?

We see that what people say in this anime is not what they really mean. He may love tanuki as a group and he may love eating them, but he just can’t bear to eat that one special tanuki he took care of so lovingly. This whole concept of words and the true meaning behind them is further shown when the brothers escape and Froggy talks to his mother. The voice actor here did an incredible job in showing the regret, pain and longing in Froggy’s voice. Kudos to Hiroyuki Yoshino.

I thought the scene at the temple, where Prof A told all of the brothers what he hoped for them was so poignant when he left Yasaburou out. Yasaburou is already perfect. He’s grown up so much. Resourceful tanuki that he is – there just isn’t anything to wish for him, just like how Yasaburou found he could not wish anything for himself at the shrine with Benten.

There was so much subtlety in this last episode. I loved how when Yasaburou was talking to Prof-who-loves-Tanuki, Mama Tanuki and Yashirou were sort of playing off the side there. Yashirou was holding his mother’s hands and tilting his body forwards and backwards. It’s such a… child-like thing to do. I remember doing that as well when I was younger and it was kind of touching to see them do it.

I also loved how Kaisei still hid from Yasaburou, like the hidden face of the moon. Yasaburou knows she’s there and talks to her, but I guess doesn’t want the mystery to be gone. I also liked how they played with the twins, and that they weren’t hounded just for listening to their father’s orders. It’s really not their fault, since their father can have a very overbearing personality as we saw. I was happy he wasn’t eaten in the end though. That just isn’t what the sons of the Greatest Nise-emon would want. (Although personally if he accidentally fell in a hotpot. Oops. Too bad.)

I thought it was brilliant that Prof A pulled the ball when Yaichirou proved his mettle by keeping his tiger form in front of the Friday Fellows, while the elders all  -poof-ed. Showing that Yaichirou could really be the Nise-emon and not the uncle that was going on and on about horrible humans when he was the idiot tanuki that boiled his brother in a pot.

And when Prof A got into the taxi, we could clearly see he was his calm self, and not drunk at all. I’m quite willing to bet that he knew what he was doing when he helped the tanukis out.

Ah, such a great end to such a beautiful, mysterious, wonderful story. I’ll do a full series review for this soon and try to figure out which was my favourite character. I’ve actually been drafting out the Shingeki no Kyojin series review so a bit slow on posting. Man, Summer of 2013 was such an awesome season for anime.


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