Gin no Saji Episode 11 Anime Review


Mmm, msg overload.

Man, I’m hungry. Every time I watch of an episode of this show I have to make sure I’ve eaten something first. And these are the best kinds of shows. Hachiken is just an overly caring guy with regards to pigs, which makes him a really refreshing character in terms of shounen heroes.

I realise Arakawa likes to have very thoughtful Shounen characters, which make me care for them a lot as well. They aren’t always the brightest lot in the bunch, but they do try their best, which is basically the essential character trait for shounen protagonists.

I still can’t really get used to the blocky character art style though. It’s a bit jarring, though I guess it’s more realistic than the pointy chin guys I’m used to in shoujo. What I really like about the art is that each character can be told apart from another. They all have unique shapes and heights.

I’m hoping for a second season for this because we get to see what happens to Komaba and cheese. I wonder how many pigs Hachiken’s work money can buy.


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2 responses to “Gin no Saji Episode 11 Anime Review”

  1. Artemis says :

    Second season already confirmed. 🙂

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