Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 12 Anime Review


Said the gungirl before she filled him with holes.

Wow. That was an incredibly sad end. Or it would have been if it weren’t for that twist of Alis/Alice reviving. (Getting lost down a rabbit-hole/time-loop. Get it?) I think I got used to the writer’s style of plot-twisting so the ending wasn’t as surprising as Hampnie, but it was still touching nonetheless.

I was really happy nothing happened to Celica. You would think she would get cranky at least, with all the time-looping and going through portals, but she is a surprisingly happy baby.

I was so sad when I saw Dee and Alis were going to be separated and then… Ai hugged Alis. What? It’s beginning to seem like Alis likes Ai, or maybe it’s like his little sister? I kind of liked it that Ai didn’t have a love interest, because whenever the main character has a love interest that follows them around on adventures, the story gets a bit… derailed.

Oh! Also this story arc showed that it doesn’t have to take someone close to death to make a wish. Just a strong wish. But I think that a strong wish typically occurs close to death, so one person can do the trick, but those that are not close to death, can also pool their powers and combine like Captain Wishplanet and make the wish come true.

I really like the philosophical questions this arc raised. What does it mean to save the world? What if someone has to die because of it? What if having your wish come true makes someone else unhappy? I’ll be doing a series review for this, I think. But well, if I don’t, I’ll state it here and now. I wish this anime had a second season.


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