Gin no Saji Episode 10 Anime Review


Meat is truth! Meat is flavour! Meat just rules!

I remember reading this chapter in the manga and admiring the mature way Hachiken handled Butadon and his salary. As we saw earlier, how a man uses his money is a judge of his character, and Mikage is super impressed with how Hachiken spent it on his good friend, Butadon.

He also indirectly spends the money on his friends and teachers, by treating them to a delicious meal of pork. And yeah, I agree with Tamako. Why would you make the priceless cuts of Butadon into bacon? You should eat those as naturally as possibly, grilled like what they did in the end. I’m glad she saved those parts.

I can also see why he made bacon, so that they will last and his other friends wouldn’t hound him for it. He can slowly enjoy his friendship with Butadon through his mouth. I guess… I sort of see what the professor in Uchoten Kazoku was talking about. Eating them out of love because you want to totally own them. But! In that show, the professor wasn’t being forced to eat tanuki, was he? Over here, Hachiken has no choice.

I was sad to see Butadon go and the director did a great job in framing the shots, especially the empty stall which Hachiken was madly scrubbing. It’s a bit like seeing Hachiken’s first pet going to slaughter. He’s wise in knowing that he can’t keep the pig and raise him since it costs a lot to feed.

Meat from farmers who love their pigs and cows and chickens always taste the best. Ah, the cycle of life.


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