Free! Episode 12 Anime Review


Attack on Swimmers.

Only in anime. ONLY IN ANIME will this happen. And you know what, I’m too happy for them to care. This episode cemented Rei as my favourite character in the series. Besides wearing glasses and being a high jumper and a swimmer and being an over-thinking theoretical nutcase, Rei was so giving this episode. He’s even more big brotherly than Makoto, because if Makoto were a truly caring person, he wouldn’t have let Rei feel left out. But nah, he only gives a shit about Haru.

Goodness knows I would never let someone from another school take my place in a relay even if they were nakama in a past life or something. At least the anime kept some realism and had them disqualified. But wow, what a plot twist. It really was something I didn’t expect because, well, why would you throw away something so important like qualifying for nationals just for swimming together?

Maybe Rei made a calculated move though. He knew that the group, especially Haru, couldn’t move on from Rin, unless this was done. And, he’s only just started swimming, so there is a chance that even if they managed to get past regionals, there was no way to win nationals. And that’s what they want as a relay team in the end, isn’t it? To swim free and win big.

I’m really happy the anime ended this way though, as unrealistic as it is. Everybody’s happy and their dream of swimming and winning at the nationals is still there. They’re still hungry for it. Sometimes the journey is really more fun than the end results.

I’m also glad that at least Rei understood Rin in the end. If he weren’t there, the same process would have repeated again. I can understand the frustration Rin felt about swimming. Kinda makes me wish I had such good friends who would throw away a chance at a medal just to swim together. And not just in a pool either. It’s really impossible to find friends who would do that for you – sacrifice something important just to help you. Because that’s what Makoto, Haru and Nagisa did too, not just Rei. They all gave up nationals just for Rin.

I’ll be doing an overall series review for this. It should be up soon. I’ve also drafted a Watamote one out, but I’m not very happy with it yet. Full series reviews are harder to write since it includes the macro and micro of an anime, whereas episodic ones I can blather on about the plot or characters with not much structure.

Sneaky, sneaky Rei. I know what you’re up to. You’re gonna win nationals next year, aren’t you? Well, we’ll see in the possible season two.


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2 responses to “Free! Episode 12 Anime Review”

  1. Artemis says :

    With all the promises of a season 2 in this episode, I’ll be really, really surprised if there’s not one. But even without the ‘see you next summer!’ caption and whatnot, I’d be surprised – sales for this anime have been huge. The biggest for any single series produced by KyoAni to date, in fact. Financially speaking, it makes no sense for them -not- to make a season 2.

    • mushireviews says :

      Yup. From what I know the episodes of Free! have been sold out in a lot of places. There was even a list circulating around the internet to show which stores still had copies left, and about half the stores were sold out. Partly, I think they didn’t expect it to sell so well so they didn’t print enough copies.

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