Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 11 Anime Review


Say No to Wishes- For the Betterment of Society

Dang, this was a sad episode. Yup, Dee the ghost girl was the cause of all this. In a way. I can’t believe she died in such a careless accident. Just having the window close would have saved her. It was kind of funny to see them use a fly banging against the window to represent Alis. Usually, they use something more romantic like a butterfly.

But I wonder if that’s how Dee sees herself. She’s a fly trapped inside that world too and even though she doesn’t know it, she’s hurting herself doing the same year over and over, and stopping Alis from escaping. Why was Alis the only one that wasn’t involved in the time loop?

Maybe he didn’t wish for Dee not to die, or that they could be stuck in that time again. Maybe that’s why she’s so sad. I’m guessing the reason Scar can’t sense dead people is because Dee is technically alive there.

Could they kill her? What does it mean to save this world?

I think Dee will have a change of heart and decide that she doesn’t want to stay in the time loop anymore. Alis might die with her.


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