Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 10 Anime Review


The better to hug Ai with, my dear.

So, the students of Class 3-4 are stuck in a time loop. Hah, I bet it’s because they were all near death and this is their wish. They can’t be dead since Scar didn’t sense their deathness. I also bet Alis and Dee not dying is the cause of why the whole thing can’t be resolved and keeps getting reset. Or it might be just Dee because her body is stuck there.

Is Dee dead? If she is, does that mean Scar is losing her powers? I kind of thought it was reckless to bring the baby in. I mean, what if the baby is stuck there. Does that mean the baby has no powers since she went through the wall?

I really like the fact that Scar and Yuri are getting closer and closer. I think I said this before, but I wonder if they’ll consider settling down. There seems like the perfect place since neither Scar nor Yuri will ever die. They can buy some real estate and reinvest, and get a lot of money for it since time is infinite there. Or since it’s a loop, they’ll always be well-fed since they can go around taking food without really paying for it. And since time is infinite, they can sleeeeep as much that they want. And play with the little baby. Of course, the downside is the baby won’t grow up if they continue to be stuck there.

I think the wish was for that year to never end, since Alis is so youthful still. Will he age instantaneously once the wish is lifted? He might have to die for that to happen though.


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