Diabolik Lovers Episode 2 Anime Review


Be thankful I didn’t throw you on the ground.

Is he going to? Would he? He can’t be? Oh my god, he is going to! AHHHHHH! He did! Wuahahaha. Ayato threw Pancake into the pool! Resulting in a soggy pastry. And of course, like all shoujo heroines, she didn’t have an inch of self-preservation to kick him before being thrown, and she didn’t know how to swim. In real life, if you were about to be thrown into a pool, and were being carried there, any girl would probably scream of at least claw the perfect porcelain face of Ayato.

I like how Ayato purposefully brought her to a place with a swimming pool to set up this shot, though I suppose that might have something to do with his history. I wish the writer would have… made it more convincing why he suddenly appeared there, since they were in the school home economics room previously. Suddenly cutting here when he was told to take responsibility and bring her home is odd.

How the hell did he know she couldn’t swim either? I mean, if a girl can swim, she’ll just irritatedly splash to the side and get out. Weird guy. Or it could be that he hates the water and thinks Pancake hates the water too? His self-centeredness can’t go that far, can it?

I hope we get to see more of green-haired guy next episode!


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