Free! Episode 11 Anime Review


Cactus with milkable nipples.

Oh yeah! Another field trip! Well, not really. Just a nervous trip to stay in a hotel before the regional competition. I was surprised that they all slept in single beds. I was wondering if they would have the reservation desk say that they booked their rooms wrongly and everyone gets squashed into double beds.

Alas, I suppose that would be too blatant. Not that the writers disappointed. There was so much innuendo I was laughing throughout the episode. I like the fact that they’re getting support from the school, and even a banner to cheer them on! It’s really an accomplishment to go to regionals.

I hope the boys got some sleep, though it looks like they were running around until sunrise.

Rin was acting like a real douchebag this episode. We found out that he’s weak, and swimming with others was too much fun which made the one events boring. Sheeeeeeeesh. So, he blames Haru. Tsk tsk. It was his decision to swim in a relay anyway. And why blame your weakness on others? I hope he moves past that soon.

I’m betting that the four man team for Rin will be his kouhai grey hair dude, and the red hair guy who has a crush on Kou. It’s really odd that she doesn’t drool over that guy, by the way. I mean, he is a swimmer too. I guess that’s the pure rule. A show that doesn’t want to involve romance will not have a reciprocating party. Unless the romance is in the form of swimming rivalry, of course!


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