Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 23 Anime Review


I must chop off one boob like an Amazon.

Did you guess correctly? Stop reading if you haven’t seen the episode! Go watch it and then come back where I’ll talk about the manga versus anime here.

The one thing about the manga that is so brilliant, is that the mangaka hides visual cues in earlier panels. The female titan has blond hair? Well, there’s a reason for that. So far, at this point in the anime, there was only two stand-outs with blond hair – Annie and Christa.

Remember I said the anime was spoilertastic? It should have been pretty easy to guess it was Annie. Unlike the manga which only has a colour palette of black, white and gray, we can clearly see that the female titan is blond here, and Annie has been the more eye-catching girl. But there was an earlier clue which seems to have been masked out by the fast-paced directing – Annie’s fighting stance. Her starting stance of bringing her hands up like in boxing or muay thai is a pretty unique one among the characters. There was a whole full page devoted to the female titan’s stance in the manga and the way Annie had been previously drawn made it pretty clear it was her. I think the director made up for her spoilertastic blond hair by going quickly past Annie’s stance.

She, uh, did not react that way in the manga. I find it a little… I wonder why the director chose to portray her in that way, where she laughed and blushed. Almost like she had snapped and was drunk on the freedom of finally being herself, now that she was discovered.

I also don’t recalled the part where Marlow was beaten to a pulp. I don’t know if it’s my memory or if it was added in the anime, but it was a really cool scene since it showed how corrupt the whole system is, and even someone who goes in with the purest of intentions, becomes tainted and corrupted in the end. The powerlessness one experiences in a dirty system isn’t something new to Annie, which was why she was nonplussed about it.

We also got to see more of the wall worshippers. Ah, I can’t wait for next week. It’s kinda cruel of them to end on cliff-hangers all the time. The second OP has started to grow on me, though I wish there were more horror stuff in it.


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4 responses to “Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 23 Anime Review”

  1. ninetybeats says :

    The fast pacing of the show really hid all the spoilers along the way, revealing that Annie was the female titan. It kind of surprised me to be honest. But now that I recall some scenes, the stance indeed reveals a lot about the female titan. I still wonder how she became a titan. Nice post!

  2. nerdgeistofficial says :

    I had a feeling it was her for a long time, usually I would read the manga but this time I have enjoyed waiting week to week to see what happens. The stance is a good point to make, I assumed it was her from one the blonde hair and two her little sparring session with Erin earlier in the series, really cant wait till next week 🙂

    • mushireviews says :

      Yeah, I really should have waited, but I got too impatient with the first episode. I’ve decided to stop reading the manga from now on since half the fun is speculating. I’m quite sure SnK will get a second season judging from the reception it received and the DVD+Blu-ray sales. There’s no way there’ll be a satisfying ending with 25 episodes.

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